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Get To Know Me

Hi, my name is Kameron Young and I am currently based in London while I study biomedical engineering. During my year abroad in Spain, I not only became fluent in Spanish, I fell in love with WordPress. I began freelancing this year with the goal to use the latest and most efficient software for my clients. Because of this, I use WordPress and Elementor, a powerful duo for web design and development.

My love for technology has led me to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C# and WordPress. I am passionate about providing you with a beautiful and functional website while keeping it as simple as possible for you, the client.

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How do I work?

My Process

Transparency is so important, especially when it comes to web development. At NynaKenyetta, we want to make sure that our clients get the inside scoop and are able to understand the process behind building their website.

Unsure about what your website needs? Don’t worry, that’s what the initial consultation is for! Before onboarding clients, I have an initial consultation with them to have a brainstorming session. We will discuss what features you are looking for, the kind of business you run and how I can best help you. After the consult, I will send you a quote, contract, scope of work and estimated timeline.

NOTE: Any outside plugins may incur a monthly or annual fee

Before I begin work, I require a 50% deposit and a signed contract and scope of work.

This part is mostly on you. You can provide me with your website’s copy (the text for your site) in a Word document or Google Docs.

Need help with writing? We can help! Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Now for the fun part. During the design stage, I will show you sample sites to get an idea of the style you like. Feel free to show me examples of websites you have seen and liked.

Once we have decided on a style, I will send you a wireframe to decide the structure for your website. Once the structure has been confirmed, I will use Adobe Xd to create a final design using your images, logo, colours and preferred font.

Don’t worry, this is on me. I develop your website using WordPress, Elementor and any other required plugins. During the process, I will send you a live link so that you can view my progress and give feedback.

NOTE: This link is not a domain, meaning that your website is not hosted yet it is just for feedback purposes.

Woohoo! We finally made it! By this stage, we have tested that every link works, the text has been spell-checked and all integrations are working properly.

The remaining balance is required before the website is released. Once the final 50% payment has been made, I will migrate your website to your chosen hosting and domain name. Your website is now live and ready for action!

Not particularly tech savvy? No worries, that’s what I am here for. Now that your website is up and running, I will provide you with training on how to update and use it. We will have a video-meeting so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions. I also provide you with documentation and a video explaining how to update your website and use both WordPress and Elementor.

Think of your website as a child, it needs constant attention and maintenance. WordPress and Elementor are great because they are constantly being upgraded and improved. To ensure that your website keeps up, I recommend that you purchase my monthly maintenance package. For a monthly fee of $30, I provide daily backups, uptime and link monitoring, security and performance checks and a monthly report about your website. This allows you to have peace of mind that everything in your website is running smoothly.

What do I use?


My goal is to use the newest and most convenient software so that things are easier for both myself and my clients. These are the software I use on a regular basis:

Got a question?


Most websites take approximately 6 – 8 weeks. NynaKenyetta offers 3 revisions for each project. If you would like to add more we will charge our hourly fee of $25/hour with a minimum of one hour. Having more revisions can increase the timeline and this estimate is based off of 2 – 3 revisions. A common reason the timeline extends is copy-writing. In the end, the faster you provide us with the copy and content for your site, the less delays there will be.

Yes, you’ll love how easy it is to edit your website with WordPress and Elementor. I provide training via a video call and a separate video along with documentation. And of course, if you ever have problems feel free to reach out to us at kameron@nynakenyetta.com. We’re just an email away!

50% payment upfront and the remaining 50% before we migrate your site to your hosting platform. Our pricing is upfront and always explained in the quote. The use of outside integrations such as Mailchimp or Calendly may be an extra fee.

You do of course. NynaKenyetta does not own any part of your website. We only ask that you allow us to add your website to our portfolio 🙂

No we do not but we do have a list of recommended hosting platforms to make things easier for you.

No we do not. We have refined our process and, in order to meet client expectations, it is important that we follow it from start to finish.