Kameron’s Lab Blog Page

Kameron’s Lab Blog – Personal Project



The Client

This blog page is a personal project that showcases Kameron’s Lab. This means that the project was not created on request, I hope you enjoy it regardless :)

The Goal

I created this website to learn more about blog websites. To get more experience with the different features, I tried to add many different types to this site. I would like to thank Rino for having a lovely tutorial on his YouTube channel about blog websites.
Featured posts and mailing list
This blog showcases the featured posts of the blog and allows users to sign up for a mailing list. (Please note: The mailing list will not subscribe you to anything as this is a sample site)
Bottom of blog post
Users are able to share blog posts and view other related posts at the bottom of every post. They are also able to navigate through blog posts using the ‘Previous/Next’ buttons.