KICSTM (Kids In Control Systems)

KICSTM (Kids In Control Systems)



The Client

Kids in Control Systems (KICSTM) by iAspirationsTM Limited in 2014, launched by Angela Young, ‘is for parents and guardians who need quick, simple solutions to help their child(ren) improve their executive functioning skills.’ The KICSTM “Saturday” Workshop: Note-taking and Studying Strategies has helped hundreds of students across Bermuda.

The Goal

Angela wanted a website that would allow users to view and register for her upcoming workshops while getting more information about KICSTM. The website is a redesign as Angela wanted a more modern and colorful website that would showcase the KICSTM brand and all its success to date.
Sign-up area
Angela’s KICSTM Workshops are a fundamental part of KICSTM. Because of this, we wanted the sign-up area to stand out and catch user’s attention. The ‘Get your spot now’ and arrow both link to her registration form which is integrated into the website.
Accordian for extra information
The accordian allows users to click on a heading which will then drop down to give them more information. We used this not only to showcase the different services of KICSTM, but also for the FAQs on their contact page. Accordians are a great way to have a lot of information in a small space.